Do It Now!

October 18, 2009

OK, this post is going to be kind of depressing. We’re sorry, but Bunny has something she wants to say.

Bunny has been heavy since she was a child. There’s an endless list of things she would like to have done, but didn’t, because she was heavy. It made her painfully shy. She never went to a high school dance. She doesn’t go into the hot tub with her friends on vacation because she doesn’t want to put on a swimsuit. She has always had to settle for clothes that fit, missing out on clothes that look cute.  Nothing short. Nothing sleeveless.  She grew up in the 60’s. Go-go boots and miniskirts? Yeah, right.Beach

She has gotten down to “normal” weight twice in her life, both as an adult, once on Weight Watchers and once on Adkins. And it was awesome. She felt fantastic! She loved buying cute clothes. She jumped into the ocean with her friends. Pool parties? Bring ’em on! It was an incredibly liberating feeling to not have to expend energy worrying about covering up, sucking in, and what people were thinking. She was more outgoing, more relaxed, less inhibited, just happier.

Then it all came back.

Well, she’s at it again. And it’s different at this age. It’s a lot harder. It’s also more urgent. At this age, you’re staring down the barrel of pains in your knees, feet and back, as well as some pretty nasty medical conditions that are caused or exacerbated by overweight. Even snoring, for God’s sake!

At the same time, it’s harder to get motivated. And if all that isn’t enough, the aging body doesn’t cooperate like it used to. Everything gets slower and less efficient and less springy and creakier and droopier and more tired.

So here’s a heartfelt piece of advice from Bunny in her 50’s to any bunnies who are reading this and are under 40.

DO IT NOW!!!!!