Well, the first step is the hardest, and Bunny took it. She walked into a Weight Watchers center, signed back up, and stepped on the scale. The Dreaded Weigh-In!

As it does every once in a while, WW has changed its program. (Weight Watchers and Bunny have known each other so long, she hopes it doesn’t mind if she calls it “WW” for short. We’ll let you know if we get a nasty-gram from Oprah.) Smart Points are now Points Plus. In order to determine a food’s points, you only need to look at the label, add the trans fats to the carbs, subtract the 1/4 the fiber, multiply by 5/17 the calories, add the unsaturated fats to the serving size, divide by pi, and multiply by the age of your youngest child.

OK, that’s not quite accurate, but the point is, the formula is a little tricky, and Bunny wishes she hadn’t passed up the online tools, thinking she could do the math in her head. Online tools, here we come! Once she can figure out the points without a slide rule, she’s going into the pantry with a magic marker and writing the points on all the food!

Bunny gets 41 points every day, and 42 extra for the week. Fruits and veggies are free (even bananas)! For the first few days, Bunny’s task was to figure out how much of what to eat, and when. She’s getting the hang of it. It’s Day 3 and she has nearly hit the target all 3 days.

They made her set a goal for the first month (apparently people get discouraged with weekly goals, but almost everybody loses some weight in a month). Bunny’s goal is 9 lbs. She thought she’d lose a lot the first week, then 1-1/2 lbs. or so each subsequent week. She forgot about Thanksgiving.

Stay tuned!


Rumor and Innuendo

December 11, 2010

Weight Watchers is coming up with a new program. Or they’re revamping their program. Or updating it to conform with the latest science. Or something.

We’re not really sure. It’s not out yet. We have no official notice of what the plan entails, and so we’re left to scavenge the internet for rumor and innuendo, and to indulge in rampant speculation.

Oh, yeah!!! This will be fun!

GooglingWe’ve done some intensive googling on the subject, and it seems that the new points system will emphasize the quality of food.

OK, what the heck does that mean?

Well, traditionally, the Weight Watchers program didn’t really give more, um, weight (pardon the expression) to foods that were more nutritious than others. You could burn the same number of Weight Watchers points eating a healthy salad, one of those Weight Watchers packaged peanut butter cup desserts, or a bite of a Snickers bar.

The new program will apparently adjust the points to encourage you to eat the salad instead of the preservatives.

Fruit and veggies will have zero points. Nice! Pass the bananas, please.

There will be something called “Real Living” bonus points. This is supposed to help you deal with parties and other “snacky” situations. You get exactly 49 of these. (You’d think they’d round it off to 50, but we guess not.)

Are these the same as those weekly bonus points they give you now? We have no idea. We haven’t seen an official press release, nor has Bunny had this explained to her at a Weight Watchers meeting. (Perhaps the odds of this happening would increase if she actually attended a meeting. We’re working on that.)

An unfortunate byproduct of the new program, purportedly, is that you can no longer pick up a package and easily calculate the points in your head, as you can now. Currently, you simply divide the fiber grams by the fat grams, add in the square root of the per-serving calories and multiply by pi.

Or something like that. Whatever it is, you apparently won’t be able to do it in your head anymore. You will have to buy a special calculator. Ka-ching!

So there you have it. Enough rumor-mongering. Off to drag Bunny to the gym!

We’re Baaaack

November 10, 2010

from our vacation, and a week of the flu. Perhaps we should have gotten that flu shot after all.

Bunny and Buff are on a cruise with Trudy and her hubby. (Remember Trudy, Bunny’s friend who chickened out halfway through Project Sailaway?)



Bunny says she has been walking a lot, and has visited the gym twice. Better than nothing.

Bunny says she is tired of food. We’ll see how long that lasts.

So, we hear that Weight Watchers is making big changes for 2011. There’s no official pronouncement of the details of the change, but we did some Googling, and it sounds as though they are rethinking the points calculations of food due to changes in science.

Weight Watchers is out of date? Oh dear.

If you have any details, please share. We’re getting ready for Bunny’s return from the high seas, and we have big plans for her.


August 23, 2010

Buff has started bringing cookies in the house, and Bunny has started grabbing a handful here and there, a couple of times a day (or three).

Mindless eating.

Bunny has Weight Watchers set up on a monthly autopay, but can never get to the meetings because of her job. She used to be able to make it to the Center in time to at least weigh in and maybe catch the last five minutes of the meeting, but she hasn’t even been able to do that for a couple of months. She gets stuck late at work, and traffic is awful.

RaceIt doesn’t help that Weight Watchers, a huge, global corporation, still runs its Centers like a mom and pop organization. They’re open only around meeting time, shutting down very soon thereafter, and there are only a few meetings a week. And only one or two Bunny even has a chance of making.

She tried to do Weight Watcher online, but she needs the forced weigh-in to stay on track. This isn’t working, and at this point Bunny’s not even following the food plan. Especially since the cookies arrived.

So. Bye-bye Weight Watchers, see ya later.

Hello, weekly weigh-in at the gym. This is good. That means she has to go to the gym at least once a week, something she has also not been doing in the last couple of months.

Bunny also commits to following the Weight Watchers food plan, counting her points, renewing her efforts, and keeping a food diary.

So. Let’s review the commitments Bunny makes today:

  • Weekly weigh-in at the gym.
  • Keep food diary.
  • Follow Weight Watchers plan.
  • Refocus and renew effort.
  • No cookies.
  • Make Trudy jealous when she gets on board that ship later this year.

Let’s do it!!!

Inside Bunny’s Head

June 26, 2010

Bunny Thinking HardWe eavesdropped a bit on what’s going on inside Bunny’s head.

Bunny’s excited because she can button the button on the black pants now without digging a deep channel into her skin. This is a change since last week. The pants are still a little snug in the buns, so she still has to wear The Sweater at work.

You know about The Sweater? The all-purpose sweater worn at work over any and all outfits. To go with anything, it must be black (Bunny’s too big for white). She wears The Sweater not because she’s cold (in fact, since she’s BunnyPausal, sometimes she’s sweating like a pig in The Sweater), but it’s long enough to cover her behind and shield the world from the sight of her bumpy hips and tummy, and consequently it makes her feel less self-conscious. So, many days it stays on unless she’s locked inside her office. It’s a security blanket in cardigan form.

Bunny would like to feel good enough about herself to get rid of The Sweater.

Bunny’s annoyed that she has several events this week that will require her to eat out. This takes her off her routine, and makes her guess at what’s the best food choice. Right now, she’d like to stick to her shakes and carrots and tomatoes and protein bars, not have to think about whether to eat this or that, and GET THE TRAIN ROLLING!!! She does NOT want to lose to Trudy again this week. (That girl sure can gloat.)

Bunny’s anxious to get two her next two goals, both of which are within 5 lbs. One is the Weight Watchers Yellow Star, which signifies a loss of 5% of her total body weight. She actually hit that one a few months ago, but drifted up a tad. She wants that back. Now. (Will they give her another Yellow Star, even though she already earned it? We’re thinking yes. They’re very nice and supportive at Weight Watchers.)

The other thing she has her eye on is a great big number. Of course we’re not allowed to disclose her actual weight, but she’s very close to reaching and dipping below a nice round number. She’s very excited about that, and is quite impatient about achieving that goal.

Finally, Bunny’s excited because her jeans are getting a little baggy.

Bunny’s buns are shrinking!!!

The Results Show

February 22, 2010

Bunny had to go back to Weight Watchers for her post-vacation weigh-in tonight.

Despite her good efforts since her return home, she was not expecting the best. Nor were we.

She walked into the Weight Watchers center, checked in, and bravely approached the scale.

She put down her purse. Took off her shoes. Her sweater. Her glasses. Her watch. Her earrings.

She considered taking off her wedding ring, but she was afraid she couldn’t get it off. That would be just TOO depressing.

She stepped onto the scale. She considered trying to hold onto the edge of the desk, but figured they were probably onto that one.


(We’re going for Ryan Seacrest on American Idol here. Go with it, OK?)

The results are in….

(dramatic pause)

America voted…

(another dramatic pause)


(yes, another)

You are...

(we’re almost done)


Despite the chocolate PancakesWafflesBananaBreadMuffinsMartinisCookiesCake

Despite the steak, the lobster, the steak AND lobster…

Despite the dinner rolls, the cinnamon rolls, the fat rolls (no, that’s something else)…

Despite the passionberry duo, the apple pie, the a la mode, the pizza, the eggs benedict and God knows what else…

And despite various and sundry Potable Potentates (no, that’s not it…what’s that category they use on Jeopardy? … oh poo … hold on … google google google … AH!

Despite various and sundry Potent Potables…

Despite all that…

Bunny gained on her vacation…



Zero Point Eight.

Eight-tenths of a pound.

That’s ALL.



Bunny’s collateral damage on her vacation was PRACTICALLY NOTHING!

Less than a pound? ONE pound? LESS? Not even ONE pound?


She can get that back by next week!!!!

OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!


Back in Focus

January 13, 2010

Counting Weight Watchers points is a task. Like all tasks, it gets tiresome and boring.

The first sign that the butter is slipping off the bread is when you stop entering the food you eat into your food diary. In Bunny’s case, the food diary is online, but it doesn’t matter whether you keep your diary with a software program, on an official form, in a little memo pad, or in lipstick on the wall of your house.

It’s the process that counts.

And ultimately it doesn’t really matter if you write down exactly what you ate, either. Bunny’s morning shake can be entered as “shake” and the points count. She used to write down every single ingredient and their amounts, and that got old fast. Nobody ever sees her diary. “Shake” is just fine.

It’s no big deal if she counts the number of servings of each kind of food she has consumed, either. There’s a place to mark down how many fruits you have eaten that day, how many protein servings, whether you’ve gotten in your daily dose of olive oil, and how much water you’ve chugged down. Even whether you took your vitamin. Stupidly, there’s a place to count your servings of veggies. The vast majority of veggies are unlimited on the Weight Watchers plan, so this seems silly to Bunny. She never bothers with that. And that works fine for her.

What is important, at least in Bunny’s case, is the process. She is successful when she is engaged. Fully conscious of what she is eating. This is 4 points. This is 1 point. I should order this instead of that, hold the whatever and put the do-dads on the side, please.

She starts to slip out of the habit when she gets lazy and stops keeping her food diary. It’s a task. It’s just another thing she has to do every day. Like putting gas in the car. Scooping out the kitty box. Unloading the dishwasher.

If she didn’t have to do those things, she wouldn’t. Same goes for entering what she eats in the food diary.

But it’s a matter of focus. Being fully conscious and aware of what she’s eating and becoming accountable.

And that most definitely does matter.

The slide begins when she starts eating without keeping track, at least in her mind.

She knows that if she stays within her point count, she’s successful.

She knows that she can go over her point count and still be successful. That leads her to just kinda sorta figure that she’s within a reasonably safe range, and skip the entry. THAT eventually leads her to stop thinking about how many points she’s consuming. THAT leads us to where we were the day before yesterday.

The good news is that Bunny is back on track. The picture we painted of social shame, physical misery, dread disease and ugly clothes has swayed her.

She is focused, she is engaged, she’s counting her points, and she understands what’s at stake. And she’s fine with it.

She seems to get tangled up and lose focus when she doesn’t know how to count a particular meal, usually at a restaurant. So we gave her a quick fix.

If it’s a reasonable portion of something that’s reasonably in line with what she should be eating, count it as 10 points.

If she ate too much of something ok, or ate some of something not so ok (like a piece of cake), count it as 15 points and move on.

Bunny gets 30 points a day, with an extra 35 points to bail her out during the week.

So Bunny’s back on track. Think good thoughts.

And thanks for reading. You’re helping to keep Bunny motivated. She doesn’t want to fail the nice people who take the time and effort to follow her journey.

Let’s keep the pressure on!