Bunny spent this weekend doing a sports marathon.  Three games in 24 hours, and air travel was involved, as were two half-day drives. This means trouble in four forms:

Airline Food:  This is never very appealing, but it actually helped Bunny’s cause that airlines have cheaped out changed their policies and no longer feed you unless you purchase one of their glorious little snacky-packs. This flight didn’t even pass peanuts. So Bunny did no damage with a cup of coffee and a glass of orange juice. She also passed on her old habit of hitting the airport Starbucks for a latte and a muffin. Perfect!

Stadium Food: Stadium munchies are not much to Bunny’s liking. Hot dogs gross her out (she keeps thinking about an article she read about all the yucky pig parts that go into weinie manufacturing). She can pass on stale popcorn, even with Buff munching it next to her. Nachos slathered with pseudo-cheesy goo and dotted with jalapenos? No thanks. She went with a stale pretzel at games 1 and 2, and a strawberry margarita at game 3. Not terrible, and we’ll forgive one margarita on a special occasion.

Stadium Food

Fast Food:  Bathroom stops on long drives inevitably occur at fast-food restaurants. You can normally rely on the major fast-food chains to have reasonably clean restrooms. Of course, they also have fries, chocolate shakes, cute little pie-like things, cookies and sundaes. While Buff picked up burgers and fries, Bunny stuck with Diet Coke (and she only stole 3 fries, honest). Hard to argue with zero calories.

General Munchies:  The last challenge is the munchies in the car and the hotel room. Buff likes to buy bags of pretzels, and those animal-shaped cookies covered with white frosting.  Those are tempting when all you’ve had is a stale stadium pretzel and about 17 gallons of Diet Coke. Bunny dipped into these, but didn’t go crazy.

All in all, Bunny did as well as could be expected. Nothing close to a healthy meal, but every step of the way she assessed her options and did the best she could. 

And now that she’s back, she’s going to start hitting the gym three times a week.

Right, Bunny?