It’s On!!!

February 18, 2010

Bunny’s back home from her vacation.

She has returned with fresh motivation!

She wants less, not more.

She is tired of big, heavy meals, and wondering what she’s actually eating.

She is tired of being full.

She’s tired of wondering if she’s going to be the next Kevin Smith, booted off a plane for overfilling the seat.

She wants to remember what it feels like to be a little hungry. (Just a little.)

She wants to count her Weight Watchers points, and stick to it!

She wants to button that button on those pants she bought a couple of weeks ago!

She wants to fit into the carrots in her closet!

She wants to melt her muffintops!

She wants to fit into a bathing suit this summer that’s not made by GoodYear!

She’s revisiting all her reasons to lose weight!

She remembers how good it feels to lose weight, and she wants to feel that way again!

Bunny is focused on her goals!

She has her eye on the ball!!!

She’s even seriously thinking about going to the gym!!!!!

IT’S ON!!!

Why bother?

September 2, 2009

Bunny has been fat most of her life. She reached the promised land a couple of times, but here we are back at square one. Well, square 255.

So why is Bunny bothering? Well, let’s see:

  • To be able to get out of bed without grunting, creaking or reaching for the Advil.
  • To keep from having to run out of the room when someone walks in with a camera.
  • To be ABLE to run out of the room.
  • To not have to wear fat-lady clothes.
  • To be able to put on a swimsuit in front of someone besides her cat.
  • To be able to put her purse next to her in the seat at the movies.
  • To be able to cross her legs. (It’s hard to cross tree trunks.)
  • To shut her doctor up.
  • To fend off horrible diseases like diabetes and God knows what.
  • To be less tired, feel better, have more energy, sing, dance, run, skip, bike…all that fun stuff.
  • More reasons later.

OK, Now what?